Wednesday, May 18, 2022

OANDPL Usage Guidelines

The following are the Acceptable Use Guidelines for OANDP-L. Acceptance of these guidelines is assumed from anyone who participates in this forum:

  1. All postings will be signed with real name, credentials, and location/affiliation (city, state, country) (business name optional)
  2. Subject lines will be succinct and meaningful
  3. Postings will be courteous
  4. Postings will be professional
  5. Postings will not be inflammatory
  6. Commercial postings will not be allowed *
  7. Classified ads will not be allowed **
  8. Postings must not be self serving
  9. Responses to postings will be made directly to the original poster
  10. Posters will summarize responses and post to list with respect to responders wishes to have name included or not in the response.
  11. Any posts responding to an original post that are made to the entire subscriber base must add additional, relevant, and factual information to the posting that does not inflame, accuse, or contain conspiracy theories which cannot be substantiated.
  12. Promotion of meetings from non-profit or not-for profit state or national organizations will be limited to a single call for papers and one additional announcement at some time prior to the meeting.
  13. Non-profit and not-for profit organizations will be limited to one posting per month to promote non-commercial activities which are of benefit to the profession. In the event of a significant event or call for action which is of major importance to the profession, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  14. Posting of fees or price fixing will not be allowed.
  15. Rants and redundant postings will not be allowed.

In addition to the above guidelines, a classification system will be required for any non clinical postings. If your posting is not clinically related, one of the following words must be the first word (in all CAPS) in your subject line:***

ANNOUNCE – to be used by non-profits and not-for-profits when posting monthly messages, updates, or calls for papers.

OPINION – to be used when the posting is clearly an opinion about a non clinical aspect of the profession or industry

US-POLITICS – to be used when the discussion is clearly an issue that is of no concern to anyone outside of the United States

All postings will be reviewed by the moderator prior to release to the entire subscriber list of over 3300. If a posting does not include the prefix in the subject line or is lacking name and credentials, it will be returned to the poster with request to add the subject line to the message and repost (the moderator cannot change the content of subject lines or messages). If a posting does not fit within the acceptable usage guidelines it will be rejected and a simple response will be sent to the poster stating that the message does not fall within the guidelines.

In most cases, acceptability is simple to determine. In the event that a posting is questionable, I will request input from a small group of respected professionals to help make the determination of whether or not the posting is acceptable. The goal here is not to censor, but to maintain a professional and productive forum. We will continue to revisit these guidelines and make changes as necessary in the future, to ensure that they are serving the purpose of maintaining a respectable and professional tool for the O&P field.

The Acceptable Use Guidelines will be posted to OANDP-L monthly, and any subscriber who does not want to abide by those guidelines is free to unsubscribe by sending a message to LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU with the message “unsubscribe OANDP-L ” in the body of the message.

Thank you for your continued support and participation. Please be mindful that your postings in this public forum represent you as a professional, and in some people’s eyes may be representative of the profession as a whole. I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

*Commercial postings are defined as any postings that are promoting or selling a product or service. If it costs money, it’s commercial.

** There are numerous avenues available to place classified ads in print or online. A free classified service has been available for over three years, and classified ads can be placed in publications and websites of the AlmanacThe O&P EDGEJPOO&P Business News, etc. Classified ads include help wanted ads as well as personally owned items that are for sale by a practice.

*** Most mail programs are sophisticated enough to create “Rules” for automatically sorting your mail. This allows you to create mailboxes that will be dedicated to the various topics of OANDP-L and have the messages automatically sort as they arrive in your mailbox. You also have the ability to create rules for postings from individual senders. This allows you to create your own personal filters to remove postings from the listserv subscribers of your choice.


If you want to add images to your posting to the listserv, you can do so by going to the following address and uploading an image. The image size needs to be less than 1 meg, so resize them before uploading. When you upload an image it will create a URL for you (a URL is the web address). Cut and paste the URL into your message. You can create multiple URLs, one for each image. There is no real limit to the number of images that you can create and add to your posting.

Each image will be reviewed by the moderator for appropriateness and patient confidentiality. No images will be allowed that identify a patient in any way. If there is any doubt, I will not allow the image to be included.

This is serious business.

Paul E. Prusakowski, CPO, LPO, FAAOP
Moderator OANDP-L


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